A Friend Who I Have Just Met

Today I had made myself a new friend. I am always talking about how I live in Tottenham in all my presentations and how this had changed me. And most people wonder, what is so special about Tottenham?

Well Alex Omisesan the Director of IB Recruitment knew how I had been brought up. Before the meeting we had with him, I never had a clue on who or what he was. It was just a normal presentation in my eyes, someone else I had to impress to support our cause. Once I had mentioned I was brought up in Tottenham; he immediately jumped and asked me several questions wanting to know how I was brought up and what school I went to. I had felt famous and thought I had higher power than him, which I do not!

After a while I had wondered why all this had been so I stopped presenting stood still for a while, and then started interrogating him. I asked him how he knew of the area and if he was familiar with it. He had went to a secondary school nearby and heard of the secondary school I went to which had gave him huge interest.

From this point I had liked this person very much, I did not want to forget him I knew he was a potential person for this project and he knew how I had changed my path and took the right one which could benefit my future.

After the presentation, unlike others he had a different method of interacting with the team. He had sat us down, and asked to know about our background. He was not so concerned about the project but more with us, and how we had come around this and joined together. He was also interested in the pilot scheme project which we mentioned, as he thinks he can help with this to boost the philanthropy reputation and boost our success to help us in the future.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Alex – notice I had just said his first name as I take him not as a person who can help us but I take him as a friend of mine who understands what I have been through. I think he is a potential supporter for the philanthropy team and I am delighted he came to see our presentation.

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